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  • VK is a social network that connects people based on education or employment history.
  • The VK Terms of Service are subject to change without specific notice to users.
  • Users have control over the content they post on their personal pages.
  • VK can unilaterally modify or remove user content or accounts.
  • Personal data may be used for targeted advertising on the platform.
  • Users can revoke consent for personal data processing by deleting their information or account.
  • The site operates under Russian law, which may have different privacy implications compared to other jurisdictions.
  • VK disclaims warranties and doesn't guarantee the site will meet specific user requirements.
  • VK is not liable for indirect damages or lost profits related to the use of the site.
  • Users are responsible for keeping their login credentials confidential.
  • Users can report content that infringes on their rights directly to VK.
  • The site may contain links to third-party websites, for which VK is not responsible.
  • User registration is free and voluntary, using VK ID.
  • Users are prohibited from spamming, using malicious software, and engaging in illegal activities on the site.
  • Users can create and manage communities within VK.
  • Advertising within communities is subject to strict rules and limitations.
  • VK may restrict or block communities that violate advertising rules.
  • Users grant VK a non-exclusive right to use their content for site promotion without compensation.
  • VK may keep backup copies of user content even after it's deleted by the user.
  • Users can create API applications but must adhere to VK's guidelines.
  • VK has the right to send users informational and promotional messages.

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious of changes to the Terms of Service, as VK can modify them without notifying users.
  • Personal data is used for targeted advertising, and VK may share this data with third parties for legal reasons.
  • Content you post grants VK certain rights to use it, and they can maintain copies even after you delete it.
  • Understand that VK operates under Russian law, which may have different standards and protections compared to your local laws.

AI recommendations

When using VK, it's important to regularly check for updates to the Terms of Service since they can change without notice. Be mindful of the information you share on the platform, as VK has rights to use your content for promotional purposes. If you're concerned about privacy, especially regarding targeted advertising, you may want to limit the personal data you provide. Additionally, be aware of the jurisdictional implications, as VK operates under Russian law, which might affect your rights and the platform's handling of your data differently than in your country.


What happens to the content I post on VK after I delete it?

VK may keep backup copies of your content even after you delete it from the site, and they have the right to use it for promotional purposes.

Can VK change the Terms of Service without notifying me?

Yes, VK can change the Terms of Service at any time without prior notice, so it's recommended to review them regularly.

Is my personal data on VK private?

VK uses personal data for targeted advertising and may share it with third parties for legal reasons, so there is a level of exposure to consider.

(Last updated: 10th December, 2023)

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