w3schools.com Terms of Use

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  • The website and solutions are managed by separate entities, each responsible for their services.
  • Fair use policy allows for copying material for non-profit teaching and research.
  • Service interruptions or discontinuations can occur without notice.
  • Information on the site may be incomplete or outdated, and it's the user's responsibility to verify it.
  • The service may modify user content or remove it at their discretion.
  • Credit card information is encrypted and handled by third-party payment service providers.
  • Users own the content they create using the services, with responsibility for compliance.
  • No refunds for plans and subscriptions after 14 days, except in cases of fraud or misuse.
  • Users are responsible for updating their account information to ensure transactions and communications.
  • The service has no liability for third-party tools provided "as is" and "as available".

Things to watch out for

  • Service may be interrupted or discontinued at any time without notice.
  • Information on the site may not be accurate or current, and reliance on it is at the user's own risk.
  • Refunds are not available after 14 days for courses and exams, or for plans and subscriptions.
  • Users are responsible for the legality and rights related to the content they create using the services.

AI recommendations

Before using W3Schools services, ensure you understand the terms regarding service availability and the accuracy of information. Keep your account information up to date to avoid any issues with service access or communication. For courses and subscriptions, remember that refunds are not available after 14 days, so be certain of your purchase before committing. Additionally, be mindful that any content you create is your responsibility, especially regarding copyright compliance.


What happens if the service is interrupted or discontinued?

The service may be interrupted or discontinued at any time without notice, and the company is not liable for any inconvenience or loss that may result.

Can I get a refund for a course or subscription if I'm not satisfied?

Refunds for courses and exams are only available within 14 days of access, provided no exam attempts are used. Plans and subscriptions are not refundable after 14 days unless in cases of fraud or misuse.

Who is responsible for the content I create using W3Schools services?

You own and are solely responsible for the content you create, including its legality and compliance with copyright laws.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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