YTS YIFY Terms and Conditions

Read our summary of YTS YIFY's Terms and Conditions.


  • Access to the site is by permission only and is non-transferable.
  • Use of the site is for personal, non-commercial, educational purposes only.
  • Users from the USA, Hawaii, or jurisdictions where the service is illegal cannot use the site.
  • Downloading or copying content from the site is explicitly prohibited without permission.
  • Students may print selected "Favorite Homework Torrents" for school use only.
  • Search engines may index the site text but not the torrents.
  • Any unauthorized use of the site's content may result in immediate termination of access and potential legal action.
  • Acceptance of the terms is required to access the site, and any use indicates agreement to these terms.
  • The site and its content are provided without warranty of any kind.
  • Severe penalties apply for theft and unauthorized publication of content.
  • Users agree not to challenge the site's intellectual property rights.
  • Any rights, ownership, or title obtained by the user must be transferred to
  • Users must not disclose confidential information from the site.
  • Users may be held liable for unauthorized use or distribution of site content.
  • Users must not engage in any conduct that imposes an unreasonable load on the site's infrastructure.
  • The site's content may not be used for any purpose in violation of these terms and conditions.
  • Users may be subject to additional fees for rush requests or special handling.
  • Users agree to indemnify the site against all claims and damages arising from their use of the site.
  • Disputes arising from the use of the site will be resolved at the discretion of, potentially including arbitration.
  • Users consent to the publication of their identity as a "deadbeat" if they fail to make timely payments for licensed content.
  • Users must pay a penalty for each unlicensed use of content obtained from the site.
  • Users are prohibited from spamming or sending unsolicited communications to the site.
  • The site's content, including emails from, is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.

Things to watch out for

  • Accessing or using the site from the USA, Hawaii, or other illegal jurisdictions is prohibited.
  • Downloading or copying content without permission is strictly forbidden and can lead to legal consequences.
  • Users must not disclose any confidential information obtained from the site.
  • Users are responsible for any unauthorized use or distribution of site content.
  • Disputes will be resolved at the discretion of and may include arbitration, which can be costly for the user.
  • Users must pay a penalty for each unlicensed use of content obtained from the site.

AI recommendations

When using YTS.MX, it's crucial to understand that the site operates under strict terms that prohibit commercial use and unauthorized distribution of content. Before engaging with the site, ensure you are not accessing it from a restricted location, such as the USA. Always seek permission before using any content from the site, and be aware of the potential legal and financial repercussions of misuse. If you're considering using the site for educational purposes, make sure to adhere to the specific guidelines provided for students and teachers. Lastly, remember that any disputes will be handled on the site's terms, which could involve arbitration and result in significant costs.


Can I use YTS.MX if I'm located in the United States?

No, the service is not available to users located in the United States, the U.S. State of Hawaii, or any jurisdiction where it is illegal to access or use the services.

Am I allowed to download or share torrents from YTS.MX?

No, downloading or sharing torrents from YTS.MX is prohibited without explicit permission and payment of a fee.

What happens if I use YTS.MX content without permission?

Unauthorized use of content from YTS.MX can lead to termination of access, legal action, and severe financial penalties.

(Last updated: 05th January, 2024)

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