Zyte Terms of Service

Read our summary of Zyte's Terms of Service.


  • Zyte owns all rights and intellectual property in the Services.
  • Service Data and Feeds are provided "as-is" with disclaimers for warranties.
  • You are responsible for legal use of Services, Data, and Feeds.
  • No legal advice provided by Zyte; you're responsible for your own legal counsel.
  • Third-party sites linked from Zyte are not endorsed or controlled by Zyte.
  • Confidential information is protected by both parties.
  • You grant Zyte permission to use your company's name/logo in marketing.
  • Beta Program participation requires feedback after the program ends.
  • Limited license granted to access Services according to your Service Plan.
  • Prohibited uses include unauthorized access, illegal activities, and sharing logins.
  • Zyte indemnifies only for IP claims related to the Service itself, not Service Data.
  • You indemnify Zyte for claims arising from your use of the Service or Service Data.
  • Agents and account activity are your responsibility.
  • Network connections for Service access are your responsibility.
  • Zyte may suspend or terminate your access to Services for various reasons.
  • Zyte delivers Feeds according to your Agreement(s).
  • Feeds are for internal use unless rights for external use are obtained.
  • Zyte indemnifies for gross negligence or material breach of Agreement.
  • Personal Data collection is subject to Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement.
  • Zyte and you are joint data processors for Personal Data collected through Services.
  • Intellectual Property Rights are maintained by each party.
  • Service Plan details, including pricing and features, are subject to change.
  • Service Charges are billed in advance and are non-refundable.
  • Credit card and electronic payments are accepted and managed through the Service interface.
  • Subscription Term begins on the effective date specified in your Service Plan.
  • Termination policies are detailed for various scenarios.
  • Zyte's liability is limited and disclaims certain warranties.
  • Governing law and dispute resolution vary based on your location.

Things to watch out for

  • Service Data and Feeds are provided "as-is" and Zyte disclaims all warranties, which means you bear the risk for their use.
  • Zyte's indemnification is limited and does not cover Service Data use, so you're responsible for any legal issues arising from the data you use.
  • Prohibited uses include a range of activities that could lead to termination of your account, so ensure compliance with the Terms.
  • You must manage and secure your Agents' access and activities, as you are responsible for their actions.
  • Service Charges are non-refundable, even if you choose to terminate your subscription early.


What happens if I use the Service Data or Feeds outside of the provided "as-is" terms?

You are responsible for any legal implications or claims that arise from your use of the Service Data or Feeds, as Zyte provides them without warranties.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund for unused time?

No, Service Charges are non-refundable, and you are obligated to pay for the entire Subscription Term even if you terminate early.

Am I responsible for the actions of my Agents using the Service?

Yes, you are responsible for ensuring your Agents comply with the Terms and for any activities occurring under your account.

Data Collection

  • Personal Data as defined by applicable Data Protection Law.

(Last updated: 06th January, 2024)

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